Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The InCrowd at OutFoxed 

Sunday we went to see "Outfoxed", the Robert Greenwald documentary about Fox News, at a Moveon.org house party at Visions Theater.
The highlight of the event may have been our success in getting tickets at all; online registration for the showing closed several days before the date ("we're sold out! sorry!").  At least one other house party in DC turned out to be registered under a false address; disappointed party-goers showed up at Visions with some finding seats on the sticky theatre floor.   When we showed up at 6:30 for the 7 pm show, the line to get in was already wrapped around the corner of Florida and 20th street.
It was hard to believe that this was all for documentary.  It was more like the opening night of a Star Wars film.  Substitute nerds with anti-Bush T-shirts for nerds with light sabers, and you more or less have it.  I expected to see scalpers (like there were at the showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 in Georgetown on opening night), but I only saw a few people with petitions hawking the line into the theater.
I wonder what it says about the mood of the country - the mood of the blue states in particular - that events like this have become so sought-after.  I was tempted to write off the evening to DC in particular, but I've been reading that people were getting turned away from house parties showing the documentary all over the country, and that it is #1 on Amazon right now.

As for the film itself, I enjoyed it.   Enough to try and get tickets to see Robert Greeenwald's documentary Unprecedented, about the Florida election in 2000, which is playing at Visions tonight. 
But it's sold out.  

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